Is the Personal Assistant the Successor to Search?

Executive Summary

We’ve all seen the commercials lately where Microsoft’s Cortana is going to battle with Apple’s Siri over who will help you manage your digital life. Let’s not forget about the other major player Google. They have their own product Google Now. With the improvement in voice recognition technology, the proliferation of mobile technology, consumers being on-the-go, and ubiquitous connectivity this seems like a natural extension of their core search product. Will the personal assistant be the successor to traditional search? Before we can answer that we need to understand more about personal assistant users. In this report, we examine which consumers are using personal assistants, how often they are using them, what are they using them for, where they are when they use them, their satisfaction levels and many more areas.

What we’ve found is very surprising. Usage has more than doubled over the last twelve months, however the product functionality is lagging behind consumer demand and some companies are better positioned than others— at the moment.


Report Length- 15 Pages


Tables / Figures-

Figure 1- Demographics of Personal Assistant Users
Figure 2- Preference & Usage of Personal Assistants
Figure 3- Location of Usage for Personal Assistants
Figure 4- Information Consumers Seek When Using Personal Assistants
Figure 5- Personal Assistant Usage Changes
Figure 6- Satisfaction Levels of Personal Assistants
Figure 7- Services Consumers Desire from Personal Assistants




Is the Personal Assistant the Successor to Search?
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